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Therapeutic Massage Program

The 600-hour Therapeutic Massage Program is designed to prepare individuals for professional Massage Therapy positions. Students will receive an overview of the history and background of massage and acquire an awareness of how the human body is directly and indirectly affected by massage. Instruction will include learning the proper techniques in performing a Swedish massage; numerous opportunities will exist for students to practice their knowledge under their instructor’s supervision. An integral part of each student’s training involves participation in a 150-hour Internship at Laurel Highlands Therapeutic Academy.

Previous knowledge or experience in massage theory or techniques is not necessary for the Therapeutic Massage program.


In order to apply for admission into the Therapeutic Massage Program at Laurel Highlands Therapeutic Academy, each individual must:

  1. Submit a written application to:
    Laurel Highlands Therapeutic Academy
    3135 New Germany Road
    Ebensburg, PA 15931
  2. Each applicant must also:
    • Be a high school graduate or have earned a GED (previous knowledge of massage theory or techniques is not necessary); OR
    • Provide documentation of having achieved at least 10.0 grade level on the reading portion of the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) within the previous 12 months; AND
    • Be in good health and free of active communicable diseases; AND
    • Submit the application fee ($50); AND
    • Be interviewed by the director; AND
    • Applicants who are accepted into the Therapeutic Massage program will be notified by LHTAcademy in writing; applicants not accepted will be notified and will receive a refund of all money paid to the school (with the exception of the $50 non-refundable application fee).


The following schedule of fees applies to the Therapeutic Massage program at Laurel Highlands Therapeutic Academy:

Application Fee (due upon acceptance) - $50.00

Registration Fee (due upon enrollment) - $100.00

Supplies * - $ 150.00

Tuition - $9,700.00

Total - $10,000.00

Since class size is limited to 14 students per session, classes may fill up very quickly; students who are accepted will be enrolled on a first-come first-served basis.

*Supplies include student-level liability insurance (valid for 12 months from start date) and two (2) uniform scrub tops to be worn during class and clinic.

Students may be eligible for financial assistance from the following sources: Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) and Department of Public Welfare (DPW). Students are encouraged to contact the agencies involved regarding eligibility criteria and availability of funds. LHTAcademy also accepts cash, checks and/or VISA and MasterCard.


TM 01 – Massage Theory and Principles – 156 clock hours

Massage Theory and Principles will guide the student through the essential skills and knowledge needed to become a massage therapist. This class integrates functional anatomy, physiology with massage therapy techniques, ethics, communication and documentation, general hygiene and safety as well as business concepts needed to excel in this career.

TM 02 – Swedish Massage – 100 clock hours

Swedish Massage is the most widely recognized and most commonly used type of massage. In this 100 hour course, students will learn body mechanics, pressure, transition and flow as well as how each component impacts the overall massage. Hands-on practice performing the techniques of Integrative Massage constitutes a significant portion of this course.

TM 06 – Integrative Techniques – 12 clock hours

Integrative Techniques is based on traditional orthopedic assessment protocols. In this course students will learn the signs, causes, symptoms and treatment of many conditions and injuries. Students will evaluate each area of the body, the scientific basis for treatment and assessment of outcomes.

TM 08 – Spa Services – 56 clock hours

This advanced level (pre-requisite: Swedish Massage) modality class will discuss the many techniques required to work in a Spa setting. Students will learn Hot and Cold Stone Therapy, Chair Massage, Warm Wax Therapy, Spa Body Wraps, Salt Glow Treatments and Peppermint Foot Services. Lecture will cover client and/or therapist contraindications as well as dry room set up.

TM 11 – CPR/First Aid – 4 clock hours

CPR/First Aid will provide the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize and provide basic care for injuries. Students will be certified by the American Red Cross in CPR and First Aid upon passing the Final Examination and successful completion of course.

TM 12 – Pathology – 56 clock hours

Pathology provides an introduction to diseases, recognition of common signs and symptoms of disease and how the body interacts in disease.

TM 13 – Pharmacology – 56 clock hours

Pharmacology is designed to expose students to the various medicines their clients are prescribed. The ability to use reference materials to assess and understand those drugs, their effects on the body and the implications for massage will be discussed.

TM 14 – Ethics II – 10 clock hours

This class provides the student an opportunity to address the difficult and at times confusing dilemmas confronting touch therapy providers. Reflexive exercises and questions will allow the students to confront the seldom discussed and often personal issues that they will encounter.

TM 30 – Clinical /Internship – 150 clock hours

As the final course in the program, Internship is designed to allow students to practice the skills and techniques learned during the classroom phase of their training. In addition to practicing massage techniques on clients of the school, students will have opportunities to utilize the communication, interviewing and documentation skills learned throughout their training.

Continuing Education

integrative reflexology:
are you interested in learning reflexology... and need a weekend workshop?

Learn the reflex points of the ears, hands and feet as well as conducting a pre-session foot scrub/soak. Yes, in Pennsylvania, you CAN accept clients upon completion of this 12 hour workshop!

DATE: Saturday October 19th and Sunday October 20th, 2019
TIMES: 9am to 4pm
COST: $299
WHO: Open to LMTs, students and the general public.

Workshop limited to only 10 students.

negative pressure massage cupping:

This workshop will cover fire cupping (yes, literally using fire), dynamic cupping, static cupping and water cupping. We will use the pump style cups, glass cups and silicone cups. Each participant will receive a cupping textbook as well as a set of silicone cups.

DATE: November 11th, 12th and 13th, 2019
TIME: 9am to 4pm each day
CEs awarded: 18
COST: $525
REGISTER: Email for an invoice (payable online).

Class size is limited - register early!

Monthly: CPR Classes

Offered monthly, email or call 814-471-6871 for more information and to register.

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